Heartless Man Leaves Eight Puppies to Die

Heartless Man Leaves Eight Puppies to Die

Our Hope Animal Sanctuary staff receives many calls reporting animals who are in distress and need immediate help. However, a recent call from a heartless man left our Director Debbie Clark stunned by his cruel message.

The man informed us that his female Shepard gave birth to eight puppies three days prior,  and stated he was leaving the very next morning and taking the mom with him.  He continued to make a disturbing ultimatum: take the puppies or they will be left alone to die!

Debbie pleaded with the man to leave the mom with us until the puppies were weaned, and she promised to have her spayed and returned to him when the pups were old enough. He adamantly refused and reiterated his evil plans to leave the poor puppies the next day. 

Debbie knew the puppies needed to be with their mom to give them the best chances to survive, but since that was not an option, she decided to take them in.  Debbie, Sharon, and Hope Animal Sanctuary animal caregiver Candi Daves drove to the residence and gathered the tiny pups.  At the home, the puppies’ mom was on a chain and separated from her babies for an unknown period of time. The eight hungry puppies were fed immediately upon their arrival to the Sanctuary.

Caring for eight puppies is a huge commitment. Newborn puppies must be bottle fed every 3 hours, and must also be stimulated to urinate and defecate since they are unable to do this on their own.  Our Operations Manager Sharon Stone posted a plea on Facebook for volunteers to help feed the pups. Within a few minutes, our awesome supporters stepped right up. Our long-time supporters, Sandi French-Fly Spencer, Krysten Mann, and our very own employee, Cori Arendale, took on the task of caring for these special babies.

We are so grateful to these wonderful women who have dedicated their time to ensure these puppies will thrive.

Although we hope we never have this situation again, this is not the first, and we know it will not be the last time the Sanctuary saves helpless puppies who have lost their mother. Please help us prepare to save the next family in need by donating to In Defense of Animals today.

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