Trio of Puppies Born to Elderly Mom Seek Loving Homes!

Trio of Puppies Born to Elderly Mom Seek Loving Homes!

Imagine the surprise when a 9-year-old Chihuahua/Yorkie mix gave birth to three tiny puppies!  After this unexpected delivery from the elderly dog, her lifelong guardian wanted to be sure the puppies would have the best homes possible.

During the caring guardian’s search for the perfect place for the babies, she heard about our Hope Animal Sanctuary. Several people approached her and wanted to “buy” a puppy, but she refused their offers. She wanted to ensure the puppies would be cared for and loved as she would love them herself. After doing some research, she was convinced Hope Animal Sanctuary was the very best place for the puppies.

Tip, Toni and Teena will spend about four weeks with us at the Sanctuary before they are ready for homes of their own. Until then, they will receive all of the care and attention they could dream of, and we will cherish the love and playful spirit the adorable trio bring to the Sanctuary!

Many animals arrive at Hope Animal Sanctuary due to neglect, abuse, and other horrific situations, but this is not always the case. In some instances, like the sudden birth of these three puppies, people are genuinely looking to do what is best for the animals in their care. Thanks to your support, we are able to take in and care for animals in need to give them the lives they deserve.

Please donate today so we can continue to help animals like Tip, Toni, and Teena.

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