What Do You Think Really Happens to Puppies Dumped on Roadways?

What Do You Think Really Happens to Puppies Dumped on Roadways?

We ask ourselves this question many times. What were these poor excuses for human beings thinking when dumping their puppies on the side of the road? 

Did they think that six 7-week-old puppies could find food and water? Did they think the puppies could survive on their own with no one to care for them? Did they think some good Samaritan would come along and take all of them home? Did they even care what happened to them? Obviously not much thought or heart activity is happening with these kinds of people.

The reality is many of these puppies will die not far from where a soulless human dumped them. Some will be run over by vehicles driven by people who just cannot be bothered to stop. Some will starve to death. A few may survive by eating whatever they can find. At first, they will try to find a home where people live while searching for help there. Many times, the people run them away by throwing rocks at them or worse. They are desperate for food, and desperate for help, but there is none.

These poor puppies grow to be mostly feral and fearful of humans. They learn to live on tiny morsels of food thrown out on the sides of the road. People drive by them every day and watch them picking up bags from fast food places that are empty but still have the smell of food. Sadly, they are that desperate.

A few of the lucky ones will be saved by a caring human. Such is the fate of a puppy we call Dani. Her body was covered with hundreds of ticks, she was starving and all alone on a rural gravel road. Her little body was covered in sores and bare spots caused by the ticks and fleas. Luckily, a caring man found her and took her to our veterinarian. 

Today Dani is at our Hope Animal Sanctuary recuperating from her ordeal. She is one of the lucky ones. She will heal and when she is ready she will have a home where she will be loved and cared for.

Please donate and help us help more abandoned babies like Dani.

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