A Guest of the Kitten Ward & Resident Cat Enclosure

A Guest of the Kitten Ward & Resident Cat Enclosure

Meet one of the kittens of In Defense of Animals India. Two of the special enclosures in our Deonar Centre are the Kitten Ward and the Resident Cat Enclosure.

Anusuya is the wonderful woman in charge of both, and she is very good at her work. She especially loves cats and kittens and sees that all get their regular treatment as needed every day, and sees to their feeding as well.

Under the supervision of Dr. Parab, Anusuya sees to the de-worming of all, keeps records of their health statuses, and reports to the doctor every day. The little ones need a lot of love and care and they get so much. She takes special care to keep everything in the rooms nice and clean, which is good for their all around health and well being.

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