These Blind Dogs and Cats Can See And Have A Safe Haven

These Blind Dogs and Cats Can See And Have A Safe Haven

Mumbai, India is not a fun place to be a homeless animal. With over 30 million street dogs and untold numbers of cats, disease, competition for food and homes, as well as human resentment, can be overwhelmingly high. Add blindness to this chaotic situation — wherein dogs, cats and other animals are trying to survive in a busy country where many people live below the poverty line — and you’ve got a living nightmare for animals. Without sight, a dog or cat can wander into any number of problems, with cars and other vehicles ranking high on the list of dangers. While the situation for blind dogs and cats is disheartening, it is with great pleasure that we update you on our very special campaign to help them.

Earlier this year, we called for help on behalf of blind dogs in India. In particular, we appealed on behalf of 44 dogs who are being kept safely in IDA India’s “Blind Ward.” The goal was to create a lush and beautiful garden so that these dogs without sight could feel and smell what they could not see. Another objective was to provide cataract surgeries to restore sight to those dogs and cats whose vision loss is reversible.

In a matter of a only a few months, much work has been completed. A fence and gates to keep the blind dogs from wandering too far has been erected, while a memory wall (honoring animals who have passed) has been created. The planting of trees and other plants has begun. A beautiful archway which will be covered with trailing vines is nearing completion and the lushness of the garden continues to grow day by day.

Finally, Roshni, a beautiful black cat with green eyes, benefitted from our first cataract surgery, with magnificent results! She had absolutely no vision left, with one eye infected badly, while the other eye was healthy otherwise, but had a cataract. The cataract was removed, and our chief surgeon decided to completely extract the badly infected eye.

Post surgery, Roshni was resting at our Deonar center under the careful supervision of our staff. She was then shifted to the care of a foster guardian, who gave her all the requisite care, far away from any possibility of infection.

Thus, sight is being restored, and what was once barren land is now becoming a peaceful, green haven for sightless animals who would otherwise be in terrible danger. We are thankful to all those who have made, and will continue to make, this possible. To keep supporting these blind dogs, please give what you can. Your donation truly makes a difference.


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