Emergency Surgery Saves Dog from Life-Threatening Injury

Emergency Surgery Saves Dog from Life-Threatening Injury

From street dogs to beloved family members, our IDA India team works tirelessly to help animals in need of care. Some conditions can be treated easily, and others require immediate and extensive attention to give the animals the best chance of survival.

Our Turbhe Centre received an urgent call to rescue a suffering dog who was bleeding profusely from a deep cut on his foreleg. The dog was rushed to the Center and given desperately needed emergency surgery to repair a severed vein. Dr. Londhe, our experienced veterinarian, immediately took action to save the dog from his life-threatening injury. To stop the bleeding, Dr. Londhe stitched and closed the damaged vein, ultimately giving the dog a second chance at life.

While in recovery, the dog was given daily treatment and dressing from our caring staff. Within ten days he was fully recuperated and reunited with his caring guardian.

Thanks to your support, we can save animals who would surely die without our immediate care. Please donate today so we can continue our life-saving work.

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