After Corrective Leg Surgery, Blackie is Now Fully Healed!

After Corrective Leg Surgery, Blackie is Now Fully Healed!

Our team is always busy tending to the animals who arrive at IDA India’s Turbhe Centre. Some cases are less severe than others, but in the case of Blackie, his leg, and quite possibly his life, depended on the immediate care of our dedicated team.

When little Blackie first arrived at our Center, he was in very poor condition. He was depressed and in considerable pain due to a severe skin infection and a fractured leg with a wound that exposed the bone underneath. Luckily, a concerned citizen named Gaurav who is known for looking out for stray animals in his area, brought Blackie to the Center for treatment.

To repair his extensive and agonizing injury, Blackie required surgery and received IV fluids and nutritious food to make sure he was in the best health possible before his procedure. After a week of pre-op preparations, Dr. Ghanawat performed corrective surgery and miraculously managed to save Blackie’s injured leg in the process.

For 15 days, our committed team helped Blackie heal and recover. He received round-the-clock love and care including medicated baths that successfully treated his skin infection. Gaurav is now taking care of Blackie, and we are happy to report that he is a happy, healthy puppy!

Like Blackie, many stray dogs are often the victims of cruelty and neglect. Our team works tirelessly to save these animals, and we couldn't do it without our wonderful team and supporters! Please help us continue our life-saving work by making a donation.

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