Long-term Patients Recover and Celebrate Release Day!

Long-term Patients Recover and Celebrate Release Day!

Many sick and injured animals struggle to survive on the densely populated streets of Mumbai, India. Without homes and loving guardians, their survival depends on concerned community members and treatment at our clinical wards, which is always in high demand.

Eleven distressed dogs were brought in from different zones throughout the city with serious injuries and ailments. After receiving daily treatment and nutritious meals from our dedicated staff, the dogs’ wounds have all healed, their illnesses have been treated, and they are fit for release!

Before their departure, they made sure to thank all of the staff for saving them with enthusiastic tail wags! We wish them a long, happy, and healthy life, and if they need us in the future, we will be here to help.

A lot of extra love, hard work and precious resources are needed to treat these lovely dogs but it is extremely rewarding to see our long-term patients recover.

Thanks to your support, we can continue our vital work in the community to help homeless animals who desperately need us. Please donate today to benefit street animals in need—particularly those who need a little extra time to heal!

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