Our Medical Team Goes Mobile to Save Animals in Mumbai

Our Medical Team Goes Mobile to Save Animals in Mumbai

Mumbai has a large number of animals who have to fend for themselves on the streets to survive. Many of these homeless animals are fortunate enough to have caretakers, however, they still need help when they are sick or have medical emergencies.

IDA India is the largest animal non-governmental organization in Mumbai; therefore, we are always under pressure to help animals who face illness and injuries on a daily basis. Since space is limited at our facilities, and it is often necessary to go out into the community to reach the animals who need help, we have implemented a mobile clinic!

Our IDA India medical team drives our vans filled with supplies through the eastern suburbs of the city six days a week. Our Turbhe Center also deploys a mobile van team in Navi Mumbai. The animals with severe conditions and those who require surgery are brought back to the hospital for immediate care, and the others receive treatment on the spot. This work is vital to quickly treat dogs and cats in their locations while eliminating the risks of transporting suffering animals to the hospital when it is not necessary.

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