Street Animals of India: Homeless Not Hopeless!

Street Animals of India: Homeless Not Hopeless!

Located in the heart of Mumbai, India one of the busiest and most densely populated cities in the world, IDA India operates as an animal shelter, surgery theater, and adoption center all rolled into one! It is a critical resource for saving animals. 

A deep respect for animals is a well-established part of Indian culture. So much so that spay/neuter of India’s population of homeless street dogs and cats is mandatory BY LAW!


This may seem like incredible news, but it carries with it a big problem… Despite the best of intentions, many municipalities simply do not have the resources to meet animals’ needs.

Without direct intervention, stray dog and cat populations explode to uncontrollable levels. Desperate to do anything that will curb these rising numbers, some people resort to brutal mass killings by way of poisoning or shooting.

Imagine a little girl like Pepper meeting such a tragic end. Pepper came to our center as the bloody victim of a road accident that mangled her front leg. Without resources in place to aid her, she would not just have lost her leg, but also her life. Instead, emergency surgery saved her life and now Pepper is recovering. She is learning to live and thrive once again!

The volume of work done and the number of animal lives saved by this tiny oasis of caring is simply staggering!

Last year, In Defense of Animals – India provided spay and neuter surgeries for more than 13,000 dogs and cats!

Sadly, despite all this great work by volunteers and staff, the cities and towns of India are poor and struggling; they just don’t have sufficient resources!

They are trying. They want to do the right thing for the animals.

Please support suffering street animals by sending a generous donation today.

Funds are urgently needed. Even the great metropolis of Mumbai can only cover half the cost of state-mandated spay/neuter surgeries (about $20 per dog or cat).

Do not doubt that the grim prospect of a mass poisoning or shooting is always right around the corner.

The true cost of an effective spay/neuter program entails so many things; surgeries require instruments, trained staff to use them, sterile environments, tables, gauze, bandages and even ambulance service for injured animals...all in addition to the cost of the surgery itself. These costs add up quickly!

Without you, the homeless dogs and cats of IDA India (like Pepper) would NEVER receive any veterinary care at all! Support like yours gives them somewhere to turn.

As if our tireless work serving homeless dogs and cats is not enough… don’t forget about our most SPECIAL, ONE OF A KIND, INSPIRING, WONDERFUL HAVENS of all the “Blind Dog Ward” of IDA-India.

Our special ward for blind dogs (and insistent cats who drop by) is truly an oasis of kindness, made possible by YOU! Currently, the Blind Ward cares for dozens of blind dogs. An outpouring of support from kind people like you has allowed us to transform a dry and dusty patch of land at the sanctuary into a Garden of Miracles. It has been made possible by people like you who truly love animals, no matter their disabilities. Without you, these special beings would have absolutely zero chance of survival on the busy and crowded streets of Mumbai.

This is our chance… YOUR chance to help animals in a place where people urgently want to do the right thing. But they need resources… they need your help… and they need it today!

·         Spay or neuter a dog or cat. Cost: $20 an animal.

·         24-Hour Animal Ambulance service (which covers an area the size of New Mexico). Cost: $1,000 per month.

·         Shelter and care for our special Blind Ward residents. Cost: $500 each year.

·         Our Ambulance vehicles are getting worn down from overuse. Cost to purchase a new lifesaving vehicle: $10,000.

We cannot stress this last point more strongly…

In countless places all over the world, animals are treated with indifference (at best) or unimaginable cruelty (at worst). India is one place in the world where so many caring people just like YOU truly want to do the right thing. Most want to do what is compassionate, but simply lack the resources to do so.

Please act today to support In Defense of Animals and start saving the lives of more street dogs and cats. Please give to help suffering animals in India.

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