Say NO to $20 Million Dairy Bailout

Say NO to $20 Million Dairy Bailout

Say NO to $20 Million Dairy Bailout

More people than ever are saying YES to healthful, plant-based dairy options, and NO to products that rely on the forced separation of mothers and babies, and brutal, short lives as living milk-machines.

Instead of embracing the positive natural shift toward plant-based food, the United States Department of Agriculture has announced that it plans to buy $20 million of private stockpiled cheese. That’s in addition to $11.2 million it is already paying dairy producers in subsidies this year.

Enough is enough!

We taxpayers should not have to see our money squandered on an unethical and environmentally unsound, failing product simply because the government is unwilling to accept the loss of an outdated industry and embrace the ample farming opportunities offered by plant-based food.

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