Stop Hawaii Dolphin Harassment

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

Along Hawaii’s beautiful coastline, trouble is brewing for dolphins. Ann Garrett of the National Marine Fisheries Service recently appeared on NPR’s Morning Edition show to raise the flag on harm being done to dolphins by Hawaiian tour operators. Relentless intrusions of fleets of sightseeing boats and swim-with-the-dolphins tours have been significantly impacting the dolphins’ ability […]

Hawaii Bill - Kill Stray Cats-blog

Horrific Hawaiian Bill Deferred

by Haley Anderson

  Would Have Allowing Killing of Stray Cats and Would Criminalize Caretakers Earlier this month, the cats of Hawaii and the people caring for them were targeted by proposed misguided legislation. Senate Bill 2450 would have allowed for the indiscriminate killing of stray cats and would have criminalized individuals working to care and humanely manage […]


Stop the Consumption of Dogs and Cats in Hawaii

by Web Team

IDA wants to thank Hawaii legislators for nearly passing the bill that would have explicitly prohibited the slaughter or trafficking of dogs or cats for consumption. HSUS Hawaii worked with Hawaiian State Senate Committee Chair, Senator Clayton Hee, who introduced Senate Bill 2026, which was defeated on April 23rd. The bill, which established the offense […]