Easy Vegan Pumpkin Pie Helps Us Connect This Holiday Season

Easy Vegan Pumpkin Pie Helps Us Connect This Holiday Season

Nothing could make it easier to connect with our non-vegan friends and family this holiday season than easy vegan pumpkin pie! Discover how to make this tantalizing crowd-pleaser in Episode 11 of our Carnivores Anonymous Vegan Cooking & Food Psychology show. Tune in to connect with your sense of purpose and with others over a delicious piece of vegan pumpkin pie!

Dr. Marilyn Kroplick enlightens us about step 11 while chef Kathleen Kastner shows us how to make vegan pumpkin pie. Step-11 is connection. We stay connected to the source of our inner strength and faith - our higher power. We do this through reminding ourselves we are part of a greater whole:  fellowship with community, reading books, and watching documentaries that inspire us, or whatever helps us connect with our sense of purpose.

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Watch our previous episode when we committed to our plant-based lifestyle while making ginger-carrot soup. 

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