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We are fighting for a world where dolphins and whales are protected and respected

Human exploitation is harming some of Earth’s most remarkably sentient beings. Dolphins and whales, collectively called cetaceans, are slaughtered for food or taken from the wild for lifetimes of confinement. In captive facilities they are abused as glamorized commodities, either torn from the wild or bred into a lifetime of captivity, and used as profit-generating objects of entertainment masqueraded as education and conservation. In the wild, cetaceans and all marine life needs increased protection from rapidly growing human-caused threats to their ecosystems.

In Defense of Animals is bringing about a world where dolphins, whales and their natural ecosystems are protected and respected, instead of exploited. We defend cetaceans by campaigning to keep them in the wild where they belong, and work to close existing captive display facilities and replace them with seaside sanctuaries where animals can live out their lives in peace. We released a list of the 10 Worst Tanks in North America. And when it is in the individual’s best interest, we advocate for them to have the opportunity to be rehabilitated and reintroduced to the wild.