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In Defense of Animals has a proven commitment to ending elephant captivity

The plight of elephants has never been as dire as it is today, with elephants under siege by humans and threatened by extinction. Illegal ivory poaching, trophy hunting, habitat degradation and capture for public display are fragmenting what remains of the sophisticated and ancient societies, cultures, and multi-generational families of Earth’s largest land mammals. Zoos worsen the problem by selling conservation but diverting precious funds - and elephants - away from the wild, where the only true conservation can take place.

In Defense of Animals has a proven commitment toward ending elephant captivity, by influencing zoos and circuses to retire captive elephants to accredited sanctuaries, and by working to keep elephants in the wild to protect their habitats, end live captures, and support true conservation efforts in their natural habitats. Through research, investigation, direct action, political change, public education, and our respected annual list of the 10 Worst Zoos for Elephants, we serve to demonstrably reduce the degree and quantity of physical and psychological suffering of elephants, and to support their well-being, survival and culture.



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