Ask Canada to Pass Dolphin Captivity Bill!

Ask Canada to Pass Dolphin Captivity Bill!

This alert is no longer active, but here for reference. Animals still need your help.

Do you want to see the Taiji slaughters and Russian orca captures stopped for good? Then you need to support this Canadian bill that would outlaw dolphin and whale captivity throughout the nation, setting an important precedent for the entire world to follow!

Canada’s Bill S-203 would totally ban the keeping of cetaceans captive, except for needed rescue and rehabilitation. It was first introduced years ago, but has struggled to become law. World-famous ecologist David Suzuki has publicly urged Canadians to rally behind the bill as it proceeds to the House of Commons. Now it’s our turn to show our support!

We shamed two Canadian facilities on our list of the 10 Worst Tanks for dolphins and whales. Thanks to people like you who spoke out for the dolphins, Vancouver passed a ban earlier this year. But many dolphins and whales still languish in Canada’s small, barren tanks.

Bill S-203 will set a strong precedent for other countries to follow. Since the global captivity industry often sources cetaceans from the wild, such as the brutal hunts in Taiji, putting captivity bans into place also works towards ending wild captures and the killing of cetceans. Ultimately, this bill says to Canadians, North Americans, and the entire world, that using cetaceans for entertainment is barbaric and the practice belongs in our collective past; that future generations will look back on and feel proud that we overcame.

Scientists have long ago discovered the immense suffering that captivity causes to dolphins and whales. It is now time for the cetacean entertainment industry to face the facts and give up its exploitation of dolphins and whales, who themselves  have repeatedly treated humans with kindness.

One of the biggest threats to the bill comes down to one person: Conservative Senate Whip Don Plett. Ecologist Suzuki calls Plett’s zeal for cetacean captivity “bewildering and unfortunate.”But the animals have hope, thanks to people like you who are standing up for dolphins and whales and voicing your support for the ban.

This is a pivotal time, and the dolphins and whales need your voice now, more than ever. 

This alert is no longer active, but here for reference. Animals still need your help.

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