50 Years of Kitten Killing Funded by Your Tax Dollars

50 Years of Kitten Killing Funded by Your Tax Dollars

A recent investigation by our friends at White Coat Waste Project uncovered the horrific and senseless killing of kittens in useless USDA experiments that have been taking place in secret for 50 years! This must stop now!

The investigation uncovered a USDA lab in Maryland that deliberately breeds kittens and then feeds them Toxoplasma parasite-infected meat. The experimenters then collect the kittens' feces for a period of 2-3 weeks to harvest the Toxoplasma parasite for use in other experiments, then kill all the kittens! This is despicable and insane and has got to end.

Fortunately, you can help stop this. A bill has been introduced by Congressman Mike Bishop (R-MI) to end this killing. H.R. 5780, the Kittens in Traumatic Testing Ends Now (KITTEN) Act, seeks to end these useless experiments once and for all.

What YOU Can Do

Please make a call and sign our letter to your representatives asking for support of H.R. 5780 and an end the killing of kittens in USDA labs.

1. Call: Please reach out to your U.S. representative and have a polite conversation about your support of HR 5780 and why its passage should be supported.

Click on the link below, enter your zip code and choose the Federal tab to find your representative and the corresponding phone number.

The phone number will be the very last one on the list with the title “US Representative for <Your State> District …” written before it.

You can say something like, "As your constituent, I urge you to support HR 5780, the Kittens in Traumatic Testing Ends Now (KITTEN) Act, which seeks to ban the cruel and unnecessary killing of kittens in USDA Toxoplasma research."

2. Share: Share this alert on social media. We absolutely must make more people aware of these needless experiments by the USDA which have killed countless numbers of cats and kittens over the past 50 years.

3. Send our letter: After you call and share on social media, please send our follow up letter to your U.S. representative by filling out the form on the right-hand side of this page.

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