Call Out Judge for Protecting Killers Who Beat Duck with Baseball Bat

Call Out Judge for Protecting Killers Who Beat Duck with Baseball Bat

We have a sad update on a criminal case we've been following in Alabama. We first informed you of the disturbing case involving Thomas “Landon” Grant and Jacob Frye back in July. The two men lured a helpless and beloved Muscovy duck from a Central Alabama Community College campus pond and then beat the duck with a baseball bat resulting in the poor duck’s death. Astonishingly, the judge in the case is now protecting the criminals! We cannot stand by without comment on this travesty of justice!

After the brutal beating, the vicious men dumped the mortally wounded creature in the woods to suffer for hours before being found and taken to a veterinarian to be euthanized.

Grant and Frye's attorneys asked Fifth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Steve Perryman to grant the violent duo “youthful offender status.” This status would provide the offenders with a number of benefits and would essentially diminish the punishment for the suffering of the victim and erase the victim from the public’s memory.

The crime, in this case, is a Class C felony, which carries a maximum sentence of up to ten years in prison. Under youthful offender status, the maximum prison sentence is just three years, and all of the information involved in the case, including the charges, arrests, and court proceedings, are deemed off-limits.

Unfortunately, Judge Steve Perryman ultimately decided to grant both individuals with youthful offender status. However, under Alabama law, a defendant is not eligible for this status if the "defendant intentionally inflicted serious physical injury or intentionally killed the victim in the commission of the crime." Of course, this provision should apply to helpless animal victims who suffer, not only humans.

What You Can Do:

Please join us in letting Fifth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Steve Perryman know that animal victim's rights should not be cast aside to protect the violent criminals who torture and kill them.

1) Make a quick and polite call to Judge Perryman's Judicial Assistant, Jean Carlton.

When you call, you can simply say, “I'm calling to express my concern and disappointment regarding Judge Perryman’s issuance of youthful offender status to Thomas “Landon” Grant and Jacob Frye, the two men who beat the duck to death. Animal victims’ rights shouldn't be thrown out the window to protect the criminals who torture and kill them. Please ask Judge Perryman to fully consider the suffering of animal victims when sentencing offenders.”

Jean Carlton
Judge Perryman's Judicial Assistant
(334) 864-4329

2) Submit our letter to Judge Steve Perryman.

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