Charge Sadistic Texas Cat Strangler with Felonies

Charge Sadistic Texas Cat Strangler with Felonies

25-year-old Robert McCabe was recently arrested in Austin, Texas in connection with the torture and killing of his girlfriend's two beloved cats. They were mercilessly brutalized and killed a couple months apart from each other - crimes he has admitted to in his own writings and to investigators. Now, we must demand felony animal cruelty charges for McCabe under Texas's Loco's Law, and that he not be allowed to live with animals ever again.

In early November, McCabe's girlfriend arrived home to find McCabe, sweaty and out of breath, telling her something was wrong with her cat, Blue. She found Blue unresponsive and attempted CPR, but tragically Blue died. Shockingly, her other cat had died under similar circumstances back in September.

Suspicious that McCabe had somehow killed the cats, she checked his diary and found these sickening words, "I got so high when I tortured them. I'm glad we've decided not to get another cat because as much as I love them, I know I'll do this again."

She moved out the next day and then confronted him over text message and McCabe admitted that he struck and choked Blue. He claimed that he thought Blue was going to recover, but later realized he had "gone too far." She called police and McCabe was arrested for the killings.

Now we need to make certain he pays for these horrific crimes.

Texas in general doesn't have great laws protecting animals, but in 2001, the Texas legislature passed Loco's Law, which makes crimes like those committed by Robert McCabe a felony. The law was named for a puppy, Loco, whose eyes were intentionally gouged out. Prior to Loco’s Law, animal cruelty was not a felony under Texas law. 

Please join us in asking the Travis County District Attorney, Margaret Moore, to charge McCabe with felonies in the torture and deaths of the two beloved cats and to bar him from living with animals for the rest of his life.

What You Can Do

Please call and email District Attorney, Margaret Moore asking her to charge Robert McCabe with felony animal cruelty and to make sure he never lives with another cat or other animal ever again.

1) Make a quick and polite call. When you call, you can simply say, "Please charge Robert McCabe with felony animal cruelty for the torture and deaths of his girlfriend's two cats and bar him from ever living with animals again.”

Margaret Moore, District Attorney
(512) 854-9400

2) Submit our letter to District Attorney, Margaret Moore.

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