Demand Justice for Tortured Kitten!

Demand Justice for Tortured Kitten!

On Thanksgiving day last year, law enforcement officers in Covina, California responded to a call about a crying kitten. The caller reported the kitten had been crying for a couple of days at a neighbor's property. When the deputies arrived, no one was home. They hopped the fence to locate the source of the crying. What they found was shocking and horrific - a calico kitten caught in an illegal steel-jaw leg hold trap. She'd been suffering for days in the trap with no food or water, her leg badly broken by the trap's jaws. She was later euthanized due to the extent of her suffering and injuries. Her killer must be brought to justice!

It has been reported that the homeowner is believed to have set the trap to protect a koi pond. We have since learned that there wasn't just a single leg hold trap, but multiple leg hold traps set at the koi pond.
Leg hold traps are illegal in California - outlawed because of their inherent cruelty - according to Fish and Game Code, §3003.1. Additionally, it is illegal to abuse, mistreat, or torture animals in Los Angeles County, according to California Penal Code §597; which most certainly happened in the case of this poor kitten who suffered endlessly for days.

Investigators know someone at the residence placed the traps to protect koi at a pond. They know the traps are illegal in California, with no exceptions. They know a kitten suffered and ultimately died as a result of the illegal traps being placed. This is an open and shut case, so why has it taken more than two months to file charges against the person responsible? It’s time for this cruel animal abuser to face justice.

What YOU Can Do

Please make a phone call and send our letter demanding that Los Angeles County Animals Services stop dragging its feet and handle this case with the seriousness it deserves. Felony charges must be filed against the person responsible for this kitten's torture and death.

1) Make a call to Sgt. Frank Rojas at 626-430-2362.

2) Submit our letter by filling out the form on the right-hand side of this page.

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