Dog Meat Factory Proposed in Ghana

Dog Meat Factory Proposed in Ghana

Dog Meat Factory Proposed in Ghana

Ghana, like Indonesia, is seeing growth in the dog meat trade while other countries are seeing a decline. Dog meat is considered a cultural delicacy throughout Ghana and it is the overall “preferred” meat. Even though the price of a dog is more expensive than other equivalently sized animals, it is the preferred delicacy due to the unsubstantiated belief that it gives one more energy.

The known dog market is in Bolgatanga, a town in the upper east region of north Ghana, where both live and slaughtered dogs are sold. 

Member of Parliament (MP) Karbo for the small town of Lawra and also holdng the title of Deputy Minister-designate for Roads and Highways, has proposed dog meat factories in three northern regions to produce and export Ghana’s delicacy. Karbo believes it will help the current unemployment rate and sees the potential of exporting it to Asian countries like China and South Korea. From previous articles, Karbo is under the impression that dog meat is a staple in Korean people’s lives which we know is a falsehood.

“Dog Meat is an exportable product. Let’s put all jokes aside. I have lived in Bolga for so many years and I know there are dog hunters in Bolga who go around buying dogs and hunting for dogs. It’s a big delicacy.” Karbo also added, “We could also have a cat meat factory in Volta Region.”

Karbo made the proposal in front of the Appointments Committee during his vetting as a nominee for the position of Deputy Minister-designate for Roads and Highways. At the time of Karbo’s proposal, it drew laughter from the Committee.

Now that Karbo is appointed to the position, he is still pushing for these factories.

Read more here, but please note that in this article and others from Ghana, it seems the authors are misinformed about some facts regarding the dog and cat meat trade in South Korea and China.