Gut-Wrenching, Heart-Rending — Few Things are More Traumatic than the Fate of Victims of the Dog Meat Trade in South Korea

Gut-Wrenching, Heart-Rending — Few Things are More Traumatic than the Fate of Victims of the Dog Meat Trade in South Korea

We were recently made aware of a group of dogs on an illegal dog meat farm in Pocheon, South Korea, who were in imminent danger of being killed for their meat. Thanks to a network of brave and caring local residents who spoke out on the dogs’ behalf, and our rescue partnership with Jindo Love Rescue, these dogs are now safe... we have shut down this dog meat farm forever!

We initially heard about nine caged dogs through a post on social media and got in touch with the two women who were pleading for help. They had been checking on these dogs for a month, but no one would step up to rescue them.

Since the farm was about six hours away from our main foster facility in Gimhae, we couldn’t send our team without knowing if we’d be able to save them, but the women agreed to help. For the next two weeks, they went every day trying to meet with the owner, but day after day he didn’t show up.

The puppies were left in filthy, barren cages surrounded by excrement, without shelter from the elements, and only fed rotting leftovers, while two older dogs were left tied nearby. Slaughterhouses were so close to this property the dogs could have been dragged to their deaths... and we feared they would be taken any day if we weren’t vigilant.

Thanks to these women’s help, and our rescue partnership on the ground from Jindo Love Rescue, these dog meat survivors are now out of imminent danger, and the farm has been permanently closed!

While South Korea still allows intensive farming of dogs for meat, this particular property wasn’t zoned for a dog meat farm, and the owner was facing a hefty fine and legal charges. After we prompted a city official to confront the farmer, he finally agreed to give the dogs up, and signed a contract with us stating he would shut this farm down forever.

As soon as we got confirmation, we scrambled to get our team there to rescue the dogs. The kind-hearted Korean local heroes waited for hours to ensure nothing would happen to them before we got there.

About 12 hours after our transport team arrived, they were safe back at our foster center. They were huddled in fear, not yet knowing how their lives were about to change, and we were in for an even bigger surprise — Pettie, one of the older dogs, was about to have seven puppies!

These dogs urgently need your support to provide them with the high-quality food, shelter, veterinary care, and rehabilitation they desperately need.  

They’ve since learned they are safe. We have watched them slowly come out of their shells and enjoy love and attention for the first time. 

While we couldn’t be happier with how this situation turned out, costs are mounting, and the joyful but unexpected arrival of puppies made this rescue effort bigger than we had anticipated. 

Please make a donation to In Defense of Animals today to provide lifesaving care for these dogs.

While they are now safe, and we will provide them with the best of everything they need before they’re adopted, these dogs still have a long way to go on their journeys to forever homes in North America. 

We hope you’ll stand with us, and support these dog meat trade survivors to give them a second chance at life by making a generous donation today!