In Defense of Animals Joins Massive Demonstrations Against Yulin

In Defense of Animals Joins Massive Demonstrations Against Yulin

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is set to begin next week on June 21. In Defense of Animals joined with hundreds of anti-dog meat activists to demonstrate in front of the Los Angeles Chinese Consulate and to call for an end to China’s dog and cat meat trade.

An estimated 500 people showed up there to demonstrate along with another few hundred who participated in various states across the United States in a coordinated nationwide demonstration. This demonstration was organized by Last Chance for Animals and Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. In Defense of Animals, I Stand with My Pack, Fight Dog Meat and others participated to create a unified front against this horrific festival and trade.

Media covered the event as cars drove by and honked their horns to show support, while chants were spoken loudly in unison for the Consulate to hear. Shouts of, “It’s not food, it’s torture,” “Stop the torture, stop the pain, Chinese government is to blame," and "Compassion, yes, torture, no” rang through the streets.

As emotional and heartfelt as this demonstration was, it was successful in getting its message across with no major incidents involving the police. In fact, many people who could be perceived as indifferent to the issue turned out not to be upon being spoken with, which illustrated how this is all about change, beginning with awareness and compassion. You may feel your single voice does not matter, but one voice plus many others are louder than you think.

For instance, one activist asked a policeman if he knew why she was there demonstrating alongside so many others. He replied in the negative, but after her passionate explanation, he was moved and shocked because he had two companion dogs of his own he deeply cared about. She felt, that at that moment, he was with her in spirit against the trade.

Another incident involved a security guard who asked why we were protesting dog meat consumption in China while Congolese tribes eat dog meat while an older Chinese man asked why we were singling out China. These were great opportunities to educate people about what is happening at Yulin and the about the intentional torture of animals, which many do not know about.

If you have not yet signed our alerts to stop the Yulin Festival and to prevent the consumption of dogs and cats in the United States and South Korea, please take a moment to do those actions now. Remember, your actions do make a difference!