Dog Meat Activists Witness Horror When Rescue Fails

Dog Meat Activists Witness Horror When Rescue Fails

Animal activism can be rewarding when animals are saved, but devastating when they are not. Chinese activists working to stop the dog meat trade must witness the devastation and horror year round.

People around the world have been exposed to the horrific images and videos of dogs and cats being tortured on social media thanks to activists who document the dog and cat meat trade, in particular at the infamous Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Many of us have commented to share our heartbreak at seeing these images and videos. Imagine being there and bearing witness.

Slaughterhouse butchers know that activists will do anything to save the lives of dogs, and that many will pay for individuals to be spared. Workers often raise the prices, sometimes making more than they would in a week or even a month. Sometimes the prices are so inflated, that the rescue fails.

A video emerged on social media showing activists trying to buy the lives of dogs at a slaughterhouse in Harbin, Heilongjiang province. This footage shows Huskies, Labradors and Golden Retrievers tied and lined up to be slaughtered surrounded by blood while forced to witness the slaughter of each other. Activists negotiate while the butcher is seen cutting off the flesh of one of the poor dogs. When the demand is too high and activists come up short on funds, they are forced to watch the brutal killings.

Until animal protection laws are in place in China, activists are driven to buy an individual’s freedom. These animals act as ambassadors to end the dog meat trade, but when any animal is rescued through the practice of purchasing, the payment cruelly funds the purchase of other animals to take their place.

The date of this incident is unknown, but situations like these happen year round. It is estimated that 10 million dogs are killed yearly in China. With the Yulin Dog Meat Festival around the corner, activists are already on the front lines trying to save dogs and cats.

Many people do not have the stomach to partake in activism where animals’ lives are immediately at stake. We thank those who can for bearing witness and shedding light on the vile dog meat trade so that we can work to end it.

In Defense of Animals runs the animal activist helpline that you can contact any time you feel disturbed by animal suffering, or when you need support with your activism.

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