UPDATE: Dogs Saved From Flames in South Korea Still Urgently Need Your Help

UPDATE: Dogs Saved From Flames in South Korea Still Urgently Need Your Help

It’s been about two weeks since a fire destroyed our rescue partner Jindo Love Rescue’s foster center in South Korea. While the lows were about as heartbreaking as they get, the outpouring of support you’ve shown has been amazing and there are now more answers and some good news to share.

The fire broke out on August 12, completely obliterating the foster center and everything inside. Thirteen dogs tragically died in the fire, and many others suffered from smoke inhalation and burns. Sadly, seven more passed later, despite veterinary intervention.


Cubby, Hiroshi and Jade recovering at their temporary foster home.


The official cause of the fire is still under investigation and we likely won’t know anything for about six more months, but it’s suspected that it was caused by an electrical issue. We’ll also have to wait for the results of the investigation before we’re able to determine if or what damages insurance will cover. Overall, we anticipate the cost to rebuild to be around $150,000.

While it’s still overwhelming, Jindo Love Rescue’s incredible team has worked around the clock to do everything they can to get every single dog what they need and move forward, and your generous support has helped them keep going so far. They now have 70 dogs in their care, and all of the dogs have finally been moved out of the shelter where they were staying.

Forty-seven dogs are now being boarded at a special training school and the rest are being fostered by volunteers. More minor injuries have been found on many of the dogs, but they’re all getting the love and veterinary care they need. All the dogs are now in the clear from being in critical condition, but there are concerns for a few of them about what the long-term effects will be on their health. Right now though, despite the trauma they’ve all been through, their spirits are up.

Jade, Cubby, and Hamlet, who we told you about last time, have all improved immensely. Hiroshi, who had disappeared after the fire and was missing for 10 days, was finally found and will be on a plane to meet his new family in September.


Jade saying goodbye to her home before heading to the vet.


Kiwi (now Eden) and Cinnamon have just arrived in the U.S. and started their amazing new lives. Astra, Crescent, and Amira will also soon be going to their new home together, and so will Bear, Charlie, and Flower.  

Adoptions have also resumed, and while some are still not in a condition to fly yet, we hope the dogs who have been patiently waiting for their forever homes will find them soon.  

Meanwhile, the future of the foster center itself is up in the air while we wait to find out if a new location is needed. The plan is tentatively to rebuild, but it’s possible we will need to move. We expect to know within the next few weeks and will share an update soon.

How You Can Help

The best way you can help is by making a donation to support immediate veterinary and boarding costs, in addition to efforts to find temporary housing and rebuild. Boarding costs $180 a month per dog, which isn’t a sustainable solution. 

You can also spread the word about the ongoing need for flight volunteers and consider adopting one of these deserving dogs if you’re ready to welcome a new addition to your home — you can see available dogs on Jindo Love Rescue’s Facebook page.