WATCH: Rescue Update: Safe, Happy, and Looking for Forever Homes

WATCH: Rescue Update: Safe, Happy, and Looking for Forever Homes

We recently told you about an amazing dog meat farm rescue we conducted with Jindo Love Rescue in South Korea, where the dogs were in imminent danger of being killed. Thanks to our actions, this illegal farm has been permanently shut down and will no longer be able to send dogs off to their slaughter. The dogs are safe now, and we want you to know how well they’re all doing!

Seven puppies had been kept in wire cages without shelter, and two older dogs were tied nearby. We feared they would be taken to nearby slaughterhouses at any moment, but thanks to caring residents who stood watch and our rescue team, their fate has forever changed.


Now we’ve brought them to our foster center in Gimhae, and they’ve been settling in nicely. At first, they found comfort by huddling together on a bed, elevated from the floor much like their cages — it was clear that most of them had never set foot on solid ground.

We kept them separated from the other dogs to give them time to adjust and get used to their newfound freedom from cages and chains. Now, we watch their smiles get bigger every day as they learn how wonderful it feels to eat good food and receive love and affection.

Pettie, one of the older dogs, also surprised us with a litter of seven puppies. She and Poporo, the father, were so thrilled, as were all the kids and the rescue humans! Sadly, one of the puppies didn’t survive, but their siblings will never know anything but kindness.

As part of traditional Korean culture celebrating and announcing births, we also hung a Geumjul, or taboo rope, across a gate at our foster center. This ritual is believed to protect newborns from evil spirits.

Pettie has been a fabulous mother. We are currently treating her for anaplasmosis or “dog-tick fever.” She will be available for adoption in a few months once this is finished and she is spayed.

While all the dogs are fairly healthy, considering what they’ve been through, this rescue has been costly. All of our dog rescues include veterinary care, high-quality food, and specialized rehabilitation training. And this rescue came with a few unexpected expenses: vetting for the six new puppies alone — including wellness checks, vaccinations, and spay/neuter surgeries — cost around $500 for each pup!

Please support these pups today. Make a donation to In Defense of Animals and you will give these dogs everything they need to thrive.


Still, we’re so happy about how this rescue turned out, and we can’t wait to see how each of their stories unfolds. We’re sure they’ll all now live very happy lives as beloved members of families when they’re adopted. Right now, Poporo, along with the other older puppies — Eddy, Hae-Ri, Popo, Pipi, Rody, Poby, and Loopy — are all available for adoption!

We are forever grateful to our Jindo Love Rescue team and all animal advocates in nations where the dog meat trade still exists who are working tirelessly to change attitudes and beliefs, save lives, and see this industry become a relic of the past. Our combined efforts are critical to shutting down the dog meat trade and creating a world filled with compassion for animals. We will continue to stand with our international partners and amplify their voices.

We’re also especially grateful for supporters like you, whose generosity allows us to continue this lifesaving work. Without you, these dogs wouldn’t be where they are now. 

You can find out more ways to get involved in our work by visiting our Dog Meat campaign page, where you’ll learn how to adopt one of these dogs yourself, or become a much-needed flight volunteer

The most impactful thing you can do to support these dogs and save even more is to make a donation today.