Last Dog Meat Slaughterhouses Close in Seoul, South Korea!

Last Dog Meat Slaughterhouses Close in Seoul, South Korea!

The last remaining dog meat slaughterhouses in Seoul, South Korea have agreed to close due to government outcry and worldwide public outrage. With this monumental, long-awaited decision, South Korea is one step closer to becoming dog meat-free!

The closures come after horrific practices of slaughterhouses were exposed which included killing innocent dogs in back alleys and placing their remains in a nearby waterway. These hell holes for dogs were previously thought to only exist outside of local markets, which is where authorities thought the slaughterhouses would operate. It turns out that the slaughterhouses operated from within the dog meat shops themselves.

Thankfully, South Korea's younger people are responsible for the recent decline in the consumption of dog meat. A June 2018 Gallup Korea survey indicated that 70% of South Koreans would refuse to eat dog meat in the future, which further supports the cultural shift of views within the country.

South Korea's notorious Gupo dog meat market closed its doors in July, soon after the closure of Taepyeong, the largest dog slaughterhouses in the country in Seongnam, the previous year. Many farmers are also recognizing the systematic phasing out of dog meat, prompting many to move away from the dying trade. Animal advocates are teaching them new trades and different areas of farming that don't involve animal cruelty.

Dog meat bans exist in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore. Most recently, Indonesia pledged support for a ban. Tragically, millions of dogs and cats continue to be killed for meat across Asia. Many are people's animal companions who are snatched from the streets, crammed into trucks, and deprived of food or water before being brutally slaughtered for human consumption.

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