Living Conditions Found to be Horrendous on Dog Meat Farms

Living Conditions Found to be Horrendous on Dog Meat Farms

Living Conditions Found to be Horrendous on Dog Meat Farms

It comes as no surprise for those activists closely following the dog meat trade across Asia, that the living conditions on dog meat farms in South Korea are horrendous.

A research study of twenty documented dog farms revealed tiny, inappropriately sized steel cages with no adequate cage flooring to prevent the dogs' paws from falling through. The cage flooring was found to be often covered in hardened feces. By industry standards, placing a plastic sheet on the ground to catch the feces is deemed adequate or even utilizing a hole in the ground.

These dogs not only bear the suffering of poor living conditions but are malnourished and sick as well. It is a common practice to feed rotting food waste and scraps to these dogs. There is an online video from a Korean news source that highlights the unsanitary and deplorable conditions of one dog meat farm in Busan. In one segment, they show an unfortunate rat who died and was found in a food bowl. These scenes of excrement and dead animals are all too common in dog meat farms because the farm owners just don’t care and know they will not be cited by officials due to the loophole regulations surrounding the dogs' classification as livestock.

Accounting for farms that are illegal and undocumented, well over 1 million dogs are currently suffering in these awful conditions.

The time for change has come as Korean citizens protest and voice their disdain for this industry and as animal companion guardianship booms in Korea.

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