Local Activists Protest Against Dog Meat at Gyeongdong Market

Local Activists Protest Against Dog Meat at Gyeongdong Market

Local Activists Protest Against Dog Meat at Gyeongdong Market

The heart of any movement or campaign is the compassionate nature of individuals who create awareness and advocate for change whether it is done individually or via groups and organizations.  Not well known to people outside of Korea, there are numerous small activist groups comprised of these such individuals. One of them is Dasom.

With the change happening at Moran Market, non government organization Dasom has been targeting a less known dog market in the Dongdaemun District of Seoul, Gyeongdong (AKA Kyungdong) Market. This market is well known for its herbal medicines and ginseng per travel guides with no mention about dog meat vendors; however, according to one Tripadvisor review, “Unfortunately we took a wrong turn and ended up on a street that had live animals: a few of the cages had dogs, which made me want to vomit. It ruined my day.” According to Dasom, there are approximately five known dog slaughterhouses and more than five vendors selling dog meat here.

According one protestor (@for_animal_liberation), “I see pain, sorrow, cruelty and suffering in the dog meat… I think the cruelty of dog meat should be spread around the world. Many people who are not interested in dog meat or animal protection do not know how dogs are killed and where the dogs come from to be dog meat.  But I am sure, if they learn the dark side of the dog meat trade, they will be angry and get interested and will try to help!”

“This is absurd but somehow, some people believe dogs that feel more pain are more tasty. So people try to kill dogs in the most cruel way they think, for better taste.”

This is the reason why individuals, groups, local and international organizations including In Defense of Animals are fighting to end this cruel dog meat industry.  We are all doing our part to bring about change for Korean dogs.

Dasom activists will keep protesting and keep trying to get dog slaughterers to change their minds. They welcome any individuals or foreigners residing in Korea to join their protests.

You can follow Dasom via Instagram: @NGO_Dasom_    @for_animal_liberation
Photos courtesy of @for_animal_liberation




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