Tell Bali’s Governor Pastika to Enforce the Dog Meat Trade Ban

Tell Bali’s Governor Pastika to Enforce the Dog Meat Trade Ban

The thought of Bali evokes a visual idyllic paradise rich with culture, rice paddies and spirituality. But now a cruel and dirty secret has been uncovered on this island of paradise - the dog meat trade. Unsuspecting Australians on vacation in Bali were reportedly duped into consuming dog meat satay. Now it emerges that more than 70,000 dogs are being eaten in Bali each year. Bali’s Governor has promised action - we must hold him to it!

On July 11 in Bali, organizations held a summit to tackle dog meat. Seven recommendations were agreed upon, which cited health risks, noted that “the act of eating dog meat is not in Balinese’ customs and culture because it opposes Balinese culture, which believes that the dog plays an important role in life,” and that a firm law enforcement was needed to prevent dog meat trade.

The recommendations were presented to Bali Governor Made Pastika, who has responded by issuing an official letter calling on government agencies to stop the sale of dog meat in Bali!

Governor Pastika acknowledges the effect of negative publicity on Balinese tourism and the dangers of uninspected meat that can potentially spread rabies and other zoonotic diseases to humans.

It is important to hold Governor Pastika to account and make sure the sale of dog meat is stopped for good through strong, enforceable laws.

Bali Animal Welfare Association released the findings of its investigation into Balinese dog meat in May. It discovered that more than 70,000 dogs are brutally slaughtered for meat on the island each year. About 50% are stolen dogs from homes and from the streets. The dogs are killed inhumanely, and often skinned and butchered alive. The Association revealed heartbreaking statistics that show 69% are strangled; 13% are poisoned; 5% are shot; and 2% are hung and beaten.

Over the course of five years, 85 dog meat restaurants were investigated throughout Bali in all 7 of 9 regions of Bali. Badung and Denpasar were found to have the most. Two regions had no ‘RW’ dog meat restaurants - Bangli and Buleleng.

Many Balinese women see dog meat as a healthy, affordable protein to feed their families. Like many other Asian countries, unfounded medical claims about dog meat fuel the trade, including the belief that dog meat enhances libido, or that eating a black dog cures asthma.


Momentum to stop Bali’s dog meat has gathered rapidly, thanks to many media reports about the tourists who were duped into eating dog meat satay and the hard investigative work of Bali Animal Welfare Association. We need to act now if we are to end Bali’s dirty secret for good. Please sign our alert to Bali Governor Made Pastika to enforce the dog meat sale ban, by completing the form on the right-hand side of this page.

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