Too BIG to Save?

Too BIG to Save?

Every once in a great while the opportunity to do something truly remarkable comes along. For In Defense of Animals and our network of dedicated supporters, that time is now!

In Defense of Animals is leading the charge against the dog meat trade in Asia! Our groundbreaking and LIFESAVING work throughout China and Korea has met and exceeded our goal to rescue and find forever homes forover 200 dogs who would otherwise have been destined for the dinner table.

We are very excited to introduce you to Shiba & Eva, the latest victims we have rescued from the barbaric dog meat trade. These two giant fluff balls desperately need our help and the clock is ticking!

Because of their extra large size, the costs associated with their proper care and transport are above and beyond anything we have ever experienced before.To raise the funds needed to bring these mammoth mutts to the United States where their chances of finding loving forever homes will be the greatest, we have taken the unusual step of setting up a GoFundMe page dedicated to saving them. Multiple individuals have stepped forward over the past weeks and months to generously help provide nearly $5,000 towards the much-needed funds to transport these over-sized pups, but because of the extra-large size of these dogs, the costs keep climbing. So, we really need your immediate help to get them out the door! The cost to fly just one dog has climbed to as high as $4,000, and so we are asking for your compassion and help today. Please help us to ensure that two innocent pups are not left behind simply because they were too big.

Our fight against the dog meat trade is persistent and on-going. Your support above and beyond the costs associated with bringing Shiba & Eva to the United States will continue to fund our efforts to combat this cruel and archaic tradition. We just know that Shiba & Eva will find new homes -just like Judy and 200 other lucky rescues this year. Please be as generous as you can, knowing your support will save lives.

We made a promise to these two sweet doggy souls and we intend to keep it!

Please give generously now to Shiba & Eva’s fund.

Bring Shiba & Eva to the United States!