VIDEO: Meet Neko, a Dog Meat Survivor

VIDEO: Meet Neko, a Dog Meat Survivor

** IMPORTANT: The outbreak of COVID-19 has made our need to transport dog meat survivors very urgent. Please read our message below to find out how you can help. **

Last year you helped us rescue 28 innocent victims from cramped cages on route to Bok Nal, South Korea’s annual dog meat slaughter-fest. Three dogs sadly succumbed to their severe abuse, but Neko is one of the lucky survivors who made it. Watch our touching video to see how Neko’s life has been changed forever in her new home–and how in turn, she has changed her guardian’s life as well!


Every year we rescue and rehome hundreds of dog meat survivors with our South Korean partners at Jindo Love Rescue.

With your support, we can turn even more of these tragic stories into happily-ever-afters. Please donate to support our Ditch Dog Meat campaign.



In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, fewer people are traveling, which means dog meat survivors with homes waiting for them are stuck. 

It’s become a rescue traffic jam, while costs to care for rescued dogs continue to mount — it costs $150 every month to cover care for an individual dog. Many dogs with adopters are waiting for a flight volunteer. More still are waiting to be adopted.

If you’re traveling from Seoul to the U.S. or Canada, please click here.

If you can’t be a flight volunteer but want to help dog meat survivors, please click here