VIDEO: Animals in Zoos Are Always In Lockdown

VIDEO: Animals in Zoos Are Always In Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has forced people across the country into lockdown to prevent the spread of the deadly disease. But for captive elephants and all other species held captive in zoos, lockdown can be forever.


In zoos across the nation, elephants are imprisoned in exhibits that don’t come close to approximating life in the wild. The lack of space and freedom, and being put on endless public display, causes boredom and chronic stress, leading to serious psychological disorders that manifest as zoochosis or “zoo madness.” 

Elephants are particularly impacted by captivity, since in the wild they have the freedom to roam over vast ranges. Their self-awareness means they can perceive, and suffer from, their constricted living conditions. Elephants are known for their memory; for those who were stolen from the wild, memories of a life before lockdown are likely to haunt them.

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