Antioch College Lambs Feared Slaughtered Despite Relentless Campaign to Save their Lives

Antioch College Lambs Feared Slaughtered Despite Relentless Campaign to Save their Lives

Yellow Springs, OH (December 6, 2019) — Nine lambs from Antioch College’s farm are feared slaughtered despite a relentless campaign to save their lives which amassed 88,000 signatures; a statement from over 100 scholars asking for the lambs’ release; television commercials; countless letters, emails and phone calls; and a heartfelt request to honor the memory of Barbara Pearl’s son, Jason Seth Houten, a dedicated advocate for animals and a former Antioch College student. 

Numerous attempts have been made to confirm the lambs’ fate directly with Antioch College since they went missing on November 24; however, the administration is refusing to respond. Through October and November, television-commercials campaigning to save the lambs' lives were commissioned by In Defense of Animals in honor of Jason Seth Houten’s life.

“I am deeply hurt that Antioch College dismissed my request to spare the lives of these innocent beings as a final act of compassion to honor my son, Jason's life,” said Barbara Pearl, Houten’s mother. “I am heartbroken.”

Barbara organized transport to a local sanctuary which offered to take in and care for the lambs free of charge. However, Antioch College tauntingly responded to Pearl’s plea by demanding a $1 million donation in return for the lambs’ release, which it said would be used to fund more animal killing.

Antioch College has acted disgracefully to the mother of a former student,” said Marilyn Kroplick, M.D., President of In Defense of Animals. “The College has also failed to acknowledge that the compassionate treatment of animals accounts not just for how they are raised, but the cruel realities of slaughter.” 

Matthew Hamity, Campaigns Director at In Defense of Animals said, “By refusing to include the slaughter of the lambs as part of the students’ ‘farm to table’ education, Antioch College implicitly recognizes the obvious truth: no amount of transparency can transform killing into kindness. We will remain active in our efforts to ensure that this never happens again.”

A vigil will be held by leading local activist and Wittenberg University Professor David Nibert, Ph.D., this Saturday, December 7 from 12 pm - 3 pm at the corner of Xenia Avenue and Corry Street, Yellow Springs in honor of the lambs and Jason Seth Houten’s memory. 

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