California: Save Millions of Animals with Plant-Based School Lunches!

California: Save Millions of Animals with Plant-Based School Lunches!

You can help save over 1.6 million animals per week by encouraging your state representative to vote “yes” on AB 479 — a bill that would incentivize public schools to serve plant-based lunches!

If each student in California chose to eat just one plant-based school lunch per week, it would prevent over 1.6 million animals from being bred against their will into a horrendous life of intensive farming and slaughter — that’s a staggering 58 million lives saved per school year!

Every meal matters.

AB 479 would not only save animals, it would also contribute to immense health benefits for students. Studies show that children who consume an abundance of healthy plant-based foods have a reduced risk for heart disease, cancer, obesity and Type 2 diabetes, yet most children’s diets are severely lacking in fruits and vegetables. AB 479 can address this, one nutritious plant-based meal at a time!

What You Can Do

1) Call your state representative. To find the telephone number of your state representative, click on the link below, then make sure you are on the California tab.

Here's an example of what you could say:

"Hello, my name is ______. As your constituent, I am calling today to urge you to support AB 479, a bill that will help keep the children of our state healthier for decades to come by incentivizing plant-based meal options in public schools. Please vote “yes” on AB 479. Thank you for your consideration."

2) Don’t wait! You don’t need to wait for legislators to create a better world for animals. As an individual, you can take action right now by transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. Learn how to begin by downloading our free and simple starter guide today:

3) Submit a letter to your state representative. After your phone call, please send our automated follow-up letter encouraging your representative to support AB 479. If you are the parent of a child in California this bill would affect, please personalize your letter to help it stand out. If you do personalize your letter, please be respectful and encouraging! California reisdents only. Thank you!

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