Chickens from Amazon Supplier Saved from Fiery Truck Crash Disaster by Bay Area Activists

Chickens from Amazon Supplier Saved from Fiery Truck Crash Disaster by Bay Area Activists


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San Pablo, CA (September 5, 2019) - Bay Area activists from In Defense of Animals and Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) have saved three chickens from a truck crash this morning on busy commuter-route Highway 80 in San Pablo.

“The scene was like something out of an apocalypse movie—a smouldering truck and cages crammed full of burned chickens; it was just horrific,” said Anita Carswell, of In Defense of Animals who rescued two hens. “The crash was a miracle for these three birds who have a second chance at life. We understand that hundreds of surviving hens have been returned to the farm: we call on the farmer to show mercy and spare these animals from being sent to their deaths a second time.”

Sgt Curtis Glace of California Highway Patrol reported this morning how live chickens were running all around the freeway after a truck driver swerved and hit another vehicle and the truck caught alight. The drivers escaped with minor injuries. Glace stated in an early-morning interview that most hens survived the crash; however hundreds died by being crushed or burned to death. 

Some of the surviving animals escaped, prompting CHP to shut down the freeway to recover them and the burning truck wreck. CHP officers worked with members of the fire service and animal control to salvage the survivors, stating that they are trying to “get these chickens taken care of humanely” and “get them care.” However, the surviving hens will reportedly be returned to the farmer.

“I’ve seen inside the disgusting Bay Area farms where chickens are grown and tortured before being squeezed into cages and shipped to their untimely deaths,” said Eva Hamer of DxE who recovered one of the hens. “We call on Amazon to support animal rescue, not animal abuse.”

A reporter on the scene confirmed the birds are from Pitman Family Farms, a chicken supplier to Amazon. DxE has previously investigated Pitman, revealing grisly scenes of sick and starving chickens inside filthy industrial sheds at so-called “free-range” farms. DxE has called on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to cut ties with suppliers which criminally abuse animals. The group has further called on Bezos to denounce the felony charges levied against DxE investigators, and to endorse ordinary citizens’ right to rescue animals in distress.


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