Professor McGonagall and Luna Love-seed Make an Easter Break!

Professor McGonagall and Luna Love-seed Make an Easter Break!

Luna Love-seed and Professor Minerva McGonagall are the most magical chicks you’ll meet this Easter, but their origins might ruffle a few feathers with those who aren’t familiar with factory farms.


Discovered among thousands of baby chicks in a free-range farm in Perth, Australia, Luna and Minerva were rescued as a gesture of Easter kindness by undercover supporters of In Defense of Animals.

Muggle Magic

At just 3 weeks old, their genetically modified bodies have already grown to the size of an adult chicken — much faster than their young bones and organs can cope. That’s some cruel muggle magic!




Chickens are a familiar symbol of the Easter holiday, yet we are rarely invited to see the conditions of where billions of chickens live on factory farms around the world. Overcrowded and deprived of everything that is natural to them, chickens are easily bought, and easily forgotten. 



Luna and Minerva had been cursed to a violent end, but thankfully, this fluffy duo has been granted a new beginning, in true Easter spirit.


“It was a magical moment to see Minerva boldly stride out of her carry box for the first time, once she had decided it was a safe environment," said the anonymous In Defense of Animals supporter who saved the chicks. "Once Minerva started cheeping, Luna soon followed, and they ran around together enjoying grass under their feet and sky overhead for the first time in their lives. We pledge to end the statute of secrecy that hides their suffering, and free these affectionate and intelligent birds for the whole world to see.”

In Defense of Animals is calling on all compassionate muggles, witches and wizards to pledge to try plant-based protein-rich foods over Easter, and save billions of animals from unimaginable suffering.

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