We Must Override Fraudulent Dairy Pride!

We Must Override Fraudulent Dairy Pride!

This alert is no longer active, but here for reference. Animals still need your help.

Senator Tammy Baldwin has reintroduced the Dairy Pride Act to stop people like you from switching to cruelty-free, plant-based milks. Don’t let Baldwin and the dairy industry wipe out animal-friendly milks and condemn cows to an unending brutal servitude as milk-machines!

Senators Tammy Baldwin, Jim Risch and Mike Crapo, and their cronies Assembly Members Peter Welch and Mike Simpson who introduced an identical bill in the House, claim that people like you aren’t smart enough to tell the difference between plant-based milks and dairy milk. They claim that confused consumers are the core reason why dairy sales are in decline.

The truth is that people are actually more informed than ever before about dairy’s disturbing animal welfare issues; killing male calves as “waste products,” neglecting painful and wide-spread udder infections, and dragging away “downed” cows whose bodies cannot cope with the stress of producing milk in unnatural commercial quantities. People are actively ditching dairy to choose plant-based alternatives that benefit animals, their health, and the environment.

Because these legislators believe that people are stupid, Senators Baldwin, Risch and Crapo, and Representatives Welch and Simpson are seeking to ban plant-based milks from labeling themselves with the word “milk.” This is a deliberate attempt to make it harder to describe and market kinder alternatives to dairy, like soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk.

Why would these legislators attempt to force through this anti-consumer bill with such persistence? We tracked the foul odor of sour milk back to the source; all five legislators received generous political donations from the dairy industry during their election campaigns.


Dieticians for Professional Integrity has blown the whistle on the harmful influence of the dairy industry and its legislator shills. They explain how, “Federal nutrition guidelines on dairy have been largely influenced by dairy industry lobbying and industry-funded research which at often times trumped objective science.” This is a huge problem, especially as extensive independent studies show that dairy has very little to do with bone health, while others show how dairy is harming our health, linking dairy intake with increased ovarian cancer among women, and prostate cancer among men. The dairy industry is paying to make us sick, and it will do almost anything to keep it that way.

We can’t let the dairy industry sweep humane, non-dairy milks off the shelves so it can keep cows suffering. Please join us in urging legislators to reject the Dairy Pride Act!


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This alert is no longer active, but here for reference. Animals still need your help.

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