This Lonely Kitten Finds Love and Safety at Hope Animal Sanctuary

This Lonely Kitten Finds Love and Safety at Hope Animal Sanctuary

The text message simply said, “I have a problem.”  There was no other context, but in the life of an animal advocate, you know to prepare yourself for the worst.

This is the message that Sharon Stone, Operations Manager for our Hope Animal Sanctuary received from Timothy Pearson, who is an Animal Control Officer in Winona, Mississippi.

Sharon immediately called Timothy, who explained that he had just found two tiny kittens. Sadly, one was no longer alive. The other was tragically clinging to his dead sibling.

The city of Winona’s city pound is sadly only set up for dogs and has no housing for cats and kittens.  Timothy asked if we could help this poor baby, who was now completely alone in the world with no mother in sight and no siblings left.  Without hesitation, Sharon agreed.

They decided to meet at our veterinarian’s office.  Tim arrived with the kitten, who still refused to leave his sibling’s side.  This kitten had never been touched by humans and was terrified. Donning a pair of gloves, Sharon picked up the kitten, who immediately began to scratch, bite, and hiss. She continued to hold the baby cat until at last she relaxed and began to allow her head to be gently rubbed. 

Back at the sanctuary, it only took a few minutes for the kitten to realize she was safe. The little baby girl who earlier that day would never have allowed herself to be touched by humans was now nuzzling with one. The kitten, now named Lila, will soon be ready for a home of her own.  Until then, she is getting a lot of tender loving care at Hope Animal Sanctuary.

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