Demand Harsher Sentences: Sexual Abusers of Dog Walk Free

Demand Harsher Sentences: Sexual Abusers of Dog Walk Free

A Louisiana judge has delivered a shockingly weak sentence for a former shelter employee and his twisted female coworker who sexually abused his dog to produce a bestiality video. Help us call out this judge who recklessly delivered lenient penalties to disturbed and dangerous sexual predators who harm animals in such depraved ways!

After Booker Talioterro Thomas, Jr., a former Caddo Animal Services Kennel Manager, was reported for filming his coworker, Celina Ann Cabrera, sexually abusing his dog in February 2017, a search warrant was issued for Thomas’ cell phone. Although the video of Cabrera violating the dog was not found, a video of a second woman sexually molesting his dog, along with incriminating text messages between Thomas and Cabrera, were discovered.

On March 21, 2019, Thomas pled guilty to encouraging Cabrera to molest his dog, while he filmed the perverse abuse on Dec. 9, 2016. Presiding First Judicial District Court Judge, John D. Mosley, Jr. of Shreveport Louisiana, sentenced Booker Talioterro Thomas, Jr. as an “Accessory to Crimes Against Nature" for violating Louisiana criminal code §89 A. (2). 

For this heinous crime, Thomas faced penalties of up to five years imprisonment at hard labor and a maximum fine of $2,000. However, Judge Mosley allowed Thomas a plea bargain. The three years of hard labor Thomas was given were suspended to just three years of active probation. Thomas received no fine. The only thing Thomas had to do for his hideous crime against an innocent dog was undergo a psychological evaluation for sex offenders and to participate in any recommended psychological treatment at his own cost.

Thomas was ordered to surrender his dogs and not to harbor, “own,” or possess any animal for a period of five years. He was also prohibited from residing in a residence, or working and volunteering with any establishment, where animals would be present.

On June 28, 2017, Celina Ann Cabrera pled guilty to committing "unnatural carnal copulation" under Louisiana criminal code §89 A. (1). Cabrera's 18-month sentence of incarceration at hard labor was outrageously suspended for probation as well! Again, no fines, no jail! No true punishment given.

The only truly good thing of any significance is that the abused dog involved in this horrific incident was put up for adoption.

What You Can Do:

Failing to fine or jail this despicable pair for dog abuse is unacceptable. Sexual predators are a danger to all vulnerable beings. Please sign our letter, by filling out the form on this page, to Judge John D. Mosley, Jr. to urge him to deter all crimes of sexual exploitation and aggression to animals by delivering maximum sentencing to sexual predators. He must be reminded that failing to impose sentences that deter crime, makes him complicit in any future crimes committed by offenders that he failed to penalize.

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