Tell YouTube to Ban Videos Showing Torturing and Eating Live Animals

Tell YouTube to Ban Videos Showing Torturing and Eating Live Animals

Most people around the world condemn blatant cruelty to animals, but YouTube continues to allow videos of people tearing live animals apart. Filming the horrifying torture and deaths of many different species for views is unacceptable, and must be stopped!

This binge-eating, binge-viewing phenomenon is called mukbang, which translates to "eating broadcast" in South Korea. Content creators can make thousands of dollars a month sharing videos of themselves consuming food.

There might not be anything wrong with indulging in food, or watching someone else do it, but some mukbangers are tormenting and torturing live animals, including eels, octopuses, snakes, shrimp, sharks and fish, among others, and taking pleasure in eating them while they are still alive.

One of these mukbangers, Ssoyoung, has been posting graphic and heartbreaking videos of herself sadistically torturing animals who are clearly struggling to escape before she kills and eats them.


One of the most popular videos has been watched 24 million times and shows Ssoyoung deliberately torturing squid by cutting off their heads then pouring soy sauce over them while they flail around in agony. Other videos show the torture of dozens of fish and octopi, who are well-known and admired for their incredible intelligence.

Korean YouTuber JojoSpotlight says, "What she does, it does not deserve to be associated with any culture at all... this makes me so angry because it's not like, 'Wow, that's your culture, you eat it like that.' No! People don't do that!"

Other YouTubers have spoken out against the violent videos, including Ethan Klein on his channel h3h3Productions, calling her actions "atrocities" and sharing how the animals are "writhing in pain."

Shockingly, despite receiving complaints about offering a platform for this cruelty, YouTube has yet to take action to block account holders, or remove vile content like this — even though its community guidelines specifically state that "content where there is infliction of unnecessary suffering or harm deliberately causing an animal distress" is prohibited.

Fish and other invertebrates feel pain just like we do, and act to avoid it. Individuals also have their own individual preferences and emotions, and should be treated with respect.


What You Can Do

Please join In Defense of Animals and our fellow advocates in demanding YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki act immediately prohibit all videos containing animal cruelty, with the exception of those that are a call to action against depicted content.

1) Please send her a polite message on Twitter @SusanWojcicki

2) Please send our letter to CEO Susan Wojicicki demanding action, by filling out the fields on this page.

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