A Magic Wand for Abused and Neglected Pups

A Magic Wand for Abused and Neglected Pups

There are few feelings more special than holding a joyful, precious puppy in your arms.

It’s almost beyond belief that there are people out there who would intentionally hurt helpless baby animals like these...

But there is an entire industry dedicated to just that, hidden out of sight...

Did you know…

  • There are over 10,000 legal and illegal dog breeding facilities in the United States.
  • Every year, almost 200,000 dogs and their helpless puppies are farmed and sold like products... 
  • Millions of adoptable dogs in shelters are killed because there aren’t enough homes for them all.

These animal hell-holes are out there. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

In Defense of Animals has always been 100% dedicated to saving as many animal lives as possible. Now we have launched a new life-saving campaign that will end cruel puppy mills forever!

Our new Campaign Director, Carla Wilson, is spearheading our End Puppy Mills campaign with a bold focus on making these heartless dog farms illegal.

Carla is an expert when it comes to making positive and impactful changes for dogs and us, their loving guardians. She has worked with politicians to pass humane legislation to end local pet store sales, crack-down on dog tethering, and even end dog racing in her home state of Florida.

IDA supporters like you have already been working with Carla to add their communities to the growing list of cities that have banned the retail sale of dogs and cats!

Right now, we are preparing for the biggest event in the puppy calendar, Puppy Mill Awareness Day, coming up this weekend on September 21st. Carla will be holding a national Rally 4 Pups to make a big impression outside puppy retailers across the country. 

These rallies educate communities around the United States about the horrors of the puppy mill and pet store industries and encourage people to adopt from local shelters instead of buying sick, sad puppies from pet stores.

Carla’s favorite line is the life-saving motto “Adopt, Don’t Shop!” She hopes you will take it up as your own favorite saying while you support her life-saving work to secure groundbreaking laws for dogs!

Our vision is to shut down every single puppy mill in the country! YOU can help us reach this important goal of shutting down puppy mills in each and every state by making one simple donation that will process automatically each month or quarter

Will you be part of the historic movement that will change the way we treat animals?

We urgently need to welcome 100 new Animal Advocates to our monthly giving program to boost the Puppy Mill campaign and ensure it achieves its monumental purpose.

Won’t you be one of the special people who help us reach that goal?

Saving animals is a team effort… we need you, and the puppies need all of US! As fellow Animal Advocates, we guarantee that your monthly gift of $15 will instantly work to provide vital, life-saving work for animals.

Join the voices of hundreds of Animal Advocates who take a stand for animals…

Dogs suffering in puppy mills need your support RIGHT NOW.

Your generous monthly donation today of any amount will ensure that you are directly helping to end the suffering. For joining our family of committed Animal Advocates, we will send you our special newsletter; we can’t wait to share stories with you about the puppies you are saving through your dedicated support!

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