Activists Converge on Muscle Beach in Venice

Activists Converge on Muscle Beach in Venice

National Animal Rights Day 2017 was a resounding success, with 22 cities worldwide participating, including Venice, California (also informally known as “Muscle Beach” where thousands of locals and tourists flex their muscles on outdoor gym equipment). Over two hundred activists attended the Los Angeles event with one hundred participating in the ceremony to honor animals suffering in silence around the world.

The audience threw flowers atop coffins, while activists dressed in black held signs displaying animal suffering to memorialize the deaths of these sentient beings, who are discarded as by-products of the food, entertainment, pharmaceutical, and fashion industries. Passersby stopped in their tracks to observe the ceremony and to receive materials explaining how they can stop animal suffering.

After reading the Declaration of Animal Rights, everyone gathered for a festival with speakers, musical performers, and exhibit booths. Thanks to everyone who visited our booth to learn about our activist resources. We enjoyed meeting you and encourage you to contact our support line, join our online support groups, and attend our webinars. Welcome to our activist community, where we support each other in our efforts to make the world a better place for all animals!

Watch this Jane Unchained video of the funeral procession and event.

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