Celebrate International Golden Rule Day with Us!

Celebrate International Golden Rule Day with Us!

Thanks to our Interfaith Vegan Coalition’s efforts, International Golden Rule Day now includes caring for animals as a main theme! Watch the live broadcast on April 5th, when vegans and animal advocates from around the world will share why the Golden Rule includes animals.

Golden Rule Day is a free 24-hour global virtual celebration of the Golden Rule, a universal principle encouraging everyone to treat others how they want to be treated, which is shared by most cultural, spiritual, religious, and secular traditions on Earth. Join us to experience conversations, music, stories, and art inspired by the Golden Rule. Learn new ways to apply the Golden Rule in your life and community.

Our Interfaith Vegan Coalition was honored to submit a video explaining how veganism exemplifies the Golden Rule in action for all life. We also encouraged our coalition members and activist allies to submit videos to promote vegan living as an accessible way to practice caring for animals, one of the event’s four main themes.

What: International Golden Rule Day

When: Thursday, April 4 at 9 PM – April 5 at 9 PM MDT

Where: Your smartphone or computer

Watch the live broadcast from the Golden Rule Day website or Facebook page. Find the details on the Facebook event page.

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