Don’t Snatch Vegan Lunches From Los Angeles School Kids

Don’t Snatch Vegan Lunches From Los Angeles School Kids

Young animal activist students of Los Angeles Unified School District fought hard for two years to gain cruelty-free lunch choices at school, but now these popular vegan meals are being snatched away! A change of management and board members are denying vital healthy plant-based meal choices to students who care about animals, the environment, and their health. Don’t let them stop kids making compassionate choices!

Celebrities, medical experts, dietitians, and athletes all joined students under the banner of the Earth Peace Healthy Freedom campaign to provide a daily vegan meal choice on every LAUSD student menu. The food services director backed the vegan meal pilot program, and it was ratified by a unanimous vote in May of 2017.

In its first semester, 15-51% of students in pilot schools chose vegan options. The food services director issued memos to the board compelling them to expand to more schools in the second semester, with all 41 schools having vegan options this past semester!

Now, tragedy has struck these young animal activists. The food services director left his job, and the school board president was voted out. Worst of all, two new board members were voted in who have no interest in the vegan options, and they are shutting the program down. The new superintendent and interim food services director are not supporting the popular vegan meal program. After so much progress, the original resolution is on the ropes!

Data is being withheld, transparency has ended, and student health is last on the new school board’s agenda.

For the sake of the animals, and these young animal activists, we must band together and stop this travesty. Student activists are counting on your help to save their vegan lunch options at LAUSD schools!

What YOU Can Do!

1) Please take a moment to call some or all of the LAUSD officials below. Student activists who started the Healthy Freedom Campaign are counting on us to make 500 phone calls. Please make your call short and simple:

"I am calling to support vegan meal choices in all LAUSD schools now. I oppose the board ending the current program that started last May. Stay true to student health and freedom of choice, and expand the program."

Austin Beutner

The receptionist can take a message or forward you to his voicemail.
(213) 241-7000

Board President
Monica Garcia
Ask for Lizette Patron

Board Members:

George McKenna

Scott Schmerlson

Richard Vladovic

Nick Melvoin

Kelly Gonez
(213) 241-6388

Interim Director of Food Services
Manish Singh
(213) 241-2993 

Business Manager
Janice Sawyer

2.) Share this alert on social media with the message:

Expand vegan school lunch now LAUSD! #vegan #schoollunch #lausd #earthpeacefoundation

For Twitter, include: @LASchools @LA_USD @LAUSDNorthwest @LDNESchools @LDSuperSouth @LAUSD_LDWest @lausdLDE @lausd_ldc

For Instagram, include: @lausd_ldwest @ldsupersouth @earthpeacefoundation

3) Send our letter urging LAUSD officials to save and expand the vegan school lunch program, by filling out the form on the right-hand side of this page.

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