Vegan Psychologist Clare Mann Helps Us Cope with Activist Stress

Vegan Psychologist Clare Mann Helps Us Cope with Activist Stress

As activists, it helps to notice our emotional reactions to external stressors, which can become hard-wired in our brains and lead to self-limiting behaviors. Join our webinar with Australian-based vegan psychologist, communications trainer, and animal rights campaigner Clare Mann, who shares good habits to reduce stress and transmute our pain into powerful action for change!

In Clare’s latest book Vystopia: The Anguish of Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World, she provides vegans with tools to cope with and communicate their experiences of living in an unjust world. As co-founder of the Vegan Voices smartphone app, Clare offers a free 30-day video training with tools and techniques to respond to typical communication challenges faced by vegans.

Clare shares tools to sustain your activism during our next Sustainable Activism Webinar on Thursday, August 2, 5 pm – 6 pm PT (8 pm – 9 pm ET). You can join this live webinar via phone or online or listen to the replay later.

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