Exciting Online May Events to Help Animals

Exciting Online May Events to Help Animals

Each month, we offer free online presentations, interviews, and support groups with self-care tools and strategies to build a resilient activist community. Our May topics include vegan food justice, faith-based vegan advocacy, plant-based healing, and activist burnout. We really hope you’ll join us!

May 2: Want to engage your local community in vegan advocacy? Discover the power of community-based vegan activism during our webinar with vegan food justice activist Brenda Sanders.

May 9: Are you struggling to talk about veganism with people at your place of worship? If so, don’t miss our interview with Victoria Moran, who is lead producer of A Prayer for Compassion, Thomas Jackson’s new documentary introducing vegan living to people of faith. 

May 16: Join our Carnivores Anonymous online meeting for 12-step vegan support with experts in plant-based health and nutrition. This month, we’re very pleased to feature vegan nutrition coach Meribel Goldwin, who shares her vegan story and offers support along the way.

May 23: Do you suffer from activist burnout and feelings of being overwhelmed? If so, join our support group to discuss a new study on burnout in the animal rights community. Let’s strategize ways to practice community care and support each other!

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