Faunaccion Boosts Mexican Animal Activism

Faunaccion Boosts Mexican Animal Activism

Animal activism has become a global movement, with hundreds of animal rights groups popping up around the world. One such group, Faunaccion, empowers Mexican activists and provides relevant tools for sustainable activism. Join our talk with Faunaccion’s founder Wotko who shares his favorite strategies for international animal activism!

As an anti-speciesist/queer activist and community organizer from Monterrey, Mexico with over 30 years of experience advocating for animal, indigenous, and LGBTG rights, Wotko founded Faunaccion to help Mexican activists work effectively with local institutions. He’s currently working on two food justice projects: El Molcajete, a food education program on wheels in Mexico, and The Chestnut Tree Reclamation Project in Tennessee.

Wotko joins our next Sustainable Activism Webinar on Thursday, October 4, 5 pm – 6 pm PT (8 pm – 9 pm ET). You can join this live webinar via phone or online or listen to the replay later.

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