Get Inspired and Active for Animals in 2020!

Get Inspired and Active for Animals in 2020!

We’ve got an amazing line-up of online programs to kick of the new year and next decade! First, celebrate empathy for all beings in 2020 with our Interfaith Vegan Coalition. Then, Victoria Kress shares the benefits of Reiki for animals. Next, Ebony McCormick inspires us with her Healthy Dining app. Last, but not least, we clarify our activist goals to help animals and practice self-care in the coming year.

Join us online (or by phone)!

January 4: 2020 Visions of Empathy for All Beings

Join our online event to celebrate the 7 Days of Rest & Radiant Diversity. Together, we will share our 2020 visions of empathy for all species to honor our animal brothers and sisters on day 4 of the event featuring the theme of empathy.

January 9: Victoria Kress Heals Animals with Reiki

Did you know that the practice of Reiki can heal and calm shelter animals? Join our interview with animal activist and animal Reiki teacher Victoria Kress, who shares her experiences healing shelter and sanctuary animals with Reiki.

January 16: Ebony McCormick Supports Healthy Vegan Dining

Ebony McCormick believes that no vegan should dine alone, unless by preference. That’s why she created the Healthy Dining app to help fellow vegans meet and match to chat about diet, share recipes, schedule a date night, and more. Ebony shares her vegan story and swifter, smoother solutions to transition to a healthier lifestyle during our Carnivores Anonymous online meeting.

January 23: Clarify Your Activist Goals for 2020!

What are your activist goals for the New Year? Are self and community care on your list? Often neglected and/or disregarded by animal activists, caring for yourself and for your activist community are essential steps toward accomplishing your goals to protect animals. Join our support group to share your activist goals for 2020 and to integrate self-care and community care practices into your daily life.

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