Heal Activist Burnout and Become Vegan Strong with Us!

Heal Activist Burnout and Become Vegan Strong with Us!

This December, we’re hosting online programs to heal activist burnout and provide vegan health tips. First, researchers Paul Gorski and Dallas Rising share their important findings about community care and then “Sergeant Vegan” Bill Muir helps us eliminate our fears of diet change when becoming vegan.

Join us online (or by phone)!

December 5: Paul Gorski and Dallas Rising Ask Why Animal Activists Burnout

What if the most common causes of activist burnout are not curable by self-care? Researchers Paul Gorski, Dallas Rising, and Stacy Lopresti-Goodman recently published the first study to empirically identify why animal activists burnout. Join our webinar with Paul and Dallas to discover why community care, how activists treat one another and how animal rights organizations treat staff/volunteers, is essential for sustainable activism and animal liberation.

December 19: Become Vegan Strong with Sergeant Vegan

With the looming environmental and health crises, more people are going vegan every day. Sergeant Vegan Bill Muir, RN, wrote Vegan Strong: The Ultimate Field Manual for a Kick-Ass Plant-Fueled Life to help people face their fear of change while making the switch. Sergeant Vegan shares his vegan story and health tips for your vegan journey during our Carnivores Anonymous online meeting.

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